PROOFMARKED is B2B2C SaaS platform
Bootstrapping trust and legitimacy to the web

A market-driven allowlist of domains - works at a granular level

Proofmarked's TSSI's will show if a specific URL/domain has been proof/trade marked.

A brand is able to claim and demonstrate their websites legitimacy. Self-service and self-enforcing.
Proofmarked operates as a B2B2C SaaS platform, we can't and won't do it for a brand.

trademars✅ Registered trademarks as self-sovereign identities
✅ That takes control of a Brand's digital footprint
✅ Sandboxed at the browser level - self-serving and intuitive
✅ With encryption and authenticat ion - powering a members only ecosystm

A hyper-personalized model of trust - that is hyper-federated


Proofmarked brings about a paradigm shift, as it goes past Domains and SSL/TLS certificates, to make it seamlessly obvious if that URL has been authorized by the company the user intended to interact with, or not (in a human centric manner).

We empower a hyper-personalized model of trust that people inherently understand.
As we bring the exclusiveness of a brand to consumers... and provide their rightful owner, the ability to claim and demonstrate that legitimacy.
Thus, creating a federated trust... chained to each brand, that is meaningful to each person individually, as per their interests (a hyper-personalized Model of Trust).

We’re not doing this by education but by design, as we built the missing tools to displace cybercriminals’ ability to abuse the agnostic nature of the web.
As the proprietary nature and distinctiveness of logos/trademarks, is an essential part of people’s ability to recognize the brands they trust and want to interact with, making it the ideal solution to harmonize the existing web framework in a human-centric manner.

A self-reconciling system - with positive platform effects


Proofmarked embeds a seamless phishing report system.
Which combined with the aggregate digital footprint of all organizations on Proofmarked protects people and organizations at scale.
Proofmarked's self-reconciling system allows us to close the loop between allowlists and blocklists in a congruent and powerful new manner.
As organizations, law enforcement, industry partners and end-users come together in a combined approached that is self-serving and self-enforcing, on everyone's best/self-interest.
✅ And since we already know what's right, it's much easier to say what's wrong.
Allowing Proofmarked to have no false positives or false negatives while also increasing the speed of time to action.

As every Proofmarked tool comes together to bootstrap trust and legitimacy to the web.

Protecting people at scale - with network effects

This means that once a person with the solution reports a e.g. phishing website, it will prevent that website from being opened by others.
Even if that person doesn't have Proofmarked installed.


Providing a solution 10x better than existing ones

Our vision of the bigger picture doesn’t settle for the design flaws from existing solutions.
As PROOFMARKED harmonizes the existing web framework in a human-centric manner.

Thus, preventing losses, while simultaneously protecting brands from impersonation and reputation abuse.