Cybersecurity technology
made for everyone


Make sure you are where you think you are

PROOFMARKED made cybersecurity human-centric.
Just check for the brands you know and trust.
It really is that simple!

Protect everyone from cybercriminals

Fight account-take-over head on

It's teamwork to protect
your customers from cybercrime


Trust &








Financial Fraud

Defend the trust you’ve earned

People hold Brands responsible for not doing enough to protect them.

Protect your reputation

It takes years to build a good reputation. It takes one event to lose it.

It really is a team sport

With Marketing, CIAM & Phishing, Cybersecurity, and Financial Fraud Departments.


Weaponize Trademark ownership rights

Your Brand is unique and distinctive. PROOFMARKED gives you Digital Superpowers.

A closed ecosystem for Brands only

Where cybercriminals can’t follow you. PROOFMARKED gives your Brand Fair Advantages.

Regain your customers trust online

Know your Brand. Know your websites. Your customers can feel safe with you.


Arm your customers against phishing and account-takeover

With Brand Identity and Control Management (BICM), protect your customer at the browser level.

Go the extra mile for your customers

Complement your KYC and CIAM best practices and protect them from Identity Fraud.

Make your UX a walk in the park

PROOFMARKED makes it easy for your customers to know “they are where they think they are”.


Make cybersecurity accessible to your colleagues

PROOFMARKED helps all departments come together in a joint effort to stop cybercriminals.

Make cybersecurity a blue-team's sport

Make phishing exercises effective and accountable. Measure false positives and false negatives.

Granularity with positive externalities

Immediate benefits to the end-user with indirect benefits to people without PROOFMARKED.


Makes Fraud managers like you shine

PROOFMARKED is the tool that goes the extra mile to protect your customers against Fraud.

Gives you fair advantages over cybercriminals

In 2021, one-quarter of U.S. households have been victims of fraud with losses averaging $12,000.

Get a guaranteed 20x ROI

We give you PROOFMARKED without any upfront cost and take a cut of the losses prevented.


How it works

Just because the internet is stateless, it doesn't have to be lawless.

Proofmarked operates as a B2B2C SaaS platform that goes beyond domains and SSL/TLS certificates to make it clear if a URL has been authenticated & authorized by the organization the user intended to interact with, or not.

  • 1

    Request access to PROOFMARKED

    You must have a registered Trademark. We will verify your ownership rights directly with World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and Trademark Clearinghouse.

  • 2

    Allowlist your domains and see the extension at work

    You will have to add PROOFMARKED metatag to your HTML code for the extension to work.

    You can also use our HTML banner to encourage your visitors to download the extension.

  • 3

    Take down websites impersonating your organization

    With every person on PROOFMARKED being able to seamlessly report phishing websites, you can block & take down malicious websites as soon as they launch, instead of it taking weeks.

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