The internet is stateless, but it doesn't have to be lawless!


The cost of cybercrime to corporations:

Banks rank #1 - $18.37 million of average yearly losses per bank
Amounting to over $1 trillion a year, across all industries.
90% of incidences and breaches include a phishing element.

The cost of cybercrime to consumers:

$150 million (£112m) lost by British consumers to internet banking fraud
$9 billion global losses in 2019, from account takeover alone
2020 is already up by 283% year-on-year

It's more than just direct and indirect losses. It's the loss of trust and reputation in your brand and the digital ecosystem as a whole.

The wild wild west (www) and the roots of uncertainty


Creating a phishing site is easy

84% are active for less than 24h, to evade blocklists and takedowns.


Getting a domain is cheap

1.5 million new phishing sites created each month in 2017
2018 saw a 220% growth
2019 saw a 640% growth


Getting a padlock is virtually free

80% of phishing sites use https padlocks, against the web average of 67%.
Legitimacy/safety of content is not a Certificate Authority's responsibility as they publicly admit.

Our human-centric platform powers a true paradigm shift!

As we go beyond the open web framework, to provide your organization with:

At a granular level it displaces cybercriminals' ability to impersonate your Organization.

At an aggregate level it bootstraps trust and legitimacy to the web.

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